Styled Out: True colors and team spirit


One of my biggest dilemmas, as of late, is which team colors to sport. My father has been feeling a bit forlorn with my decision to wear “scarlet and gray” for my girlfriend’s favorite college football team, the Ohio State Buckeyes. Growing up, I faithfully supported the Wisconsin Badgers alongside my dad in my red and white apparel. It was much easier for me to dress back in the day.

I’m going to my first OSU game this weekend while also meeting my girlfriend’s family for the first time — you can surely understand that dilemma. In my quest to find the perfect outfit to debut myself to Rachel’s parents as well as “The Shoe,” I started worrying about all of you guys, too. I mean, I can’t be the only one trying desperately to find a sweater in the perfect shade of red to wear this football season.

Trial and error is always a great method of learning, and this case proved that point. I shopped, I learned, I endured — I am outfitted for sports, lesbians. You can be, too.

The thing that I love most about showing team spirit is that most anything goes. Foam fingers visually shouting that your team is “number one,” jerseys, even body paint — it’s an outfit that you be creative with in ways that are all pretty much universally accepted, even appreciated. The true magic of team sports apparel is that it’s both unifying and unique.

Oversized jerseys are overdone. I know they’re easier to come by, but they’re not sexy at all. That being said, it’s not any cuter when paired with a turtleneck. If you’re dead set on wearing a jersey with your favorite player’s number scrawled across the back, can you at least take it to the cleaner’s to get it altered? It looks so much hotter if it’s tailored to fit. With a thermal in a coordinated shade in lieu of the hideous generic neck vice, you’ll be ahead of the game (so to speak). It’ll still be comfortably long enough but much, much more flattering.

I cannot express my love for American Apparel enough. They have so many solids that it’s easy to mix and match to create full team support. The only thing I can warn against is that if you see it, buy it. It was recently pointed out to me that they rotate the colors of any given merchandise frequently. While most of their clothing is available to buy online, it will take a few days to ship and that could leave you colorless on game day if you’re not thinking that far ahead. My more fashion-forward readers should appreciate this tip as I’ve recently found it’s pretty difficult to find something in our realm that is also sports appropriate. Anything you buy here will also be a great basic to wear when it’s not a game day.

On that note, here, here! Let us drink beer, eat hot wings and scream at the television. What colors will you be donning?

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