Gaming is for Girls: “Fable 2” collectors lose out


New Nintendo DSi officially announced

The Tokyo Gameshow got underway this week and that long rumored new Nintendo DSi was officially announced. The new DS keeps the same overall aesthetic as the DS Lite, for the most part, but features a slightly bigger screen (three and a quarter inches as opposed to three inches), two built in cameras, an SD card slot, no GBA slot and it’s also a bit thinner than its predecessor (by about 12%).

Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi launches in Japan Nov. 1, but won’t be available in other regions until “well into next year.” Looks like there will be quite a lot of importing going on. A couple of thoughts that flew through my tiny brain when I saw the specs: An SD card slot sounds a little like a homebrewer and pirates dream come true. If there’s no GBA slot, what about things like the cool “Guitar Hero on Tour” peripheral and rumble pack, where are they going to go? The addition of the “DSi Store” with its ‘apps,’ as numerous news sources are calling them, sounds a little like Nintendo like what the iPhone is doing.

“Wii Speak” Channel hits US Wii’s Nov.16

And here we were thinking “Wii Speak” was all about “Animal Crossing: City Folk” (or “Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City!” as its named here in the land of kangaroos). Apparently not. US gamers will be able to purchase the “Wii Speak” microphone for 30 bucks Nov. 16. They’ll be able to chat with up to three friends and be represented by Mii’s onscreen who will apparently mimic their talking.

Sounds adorable, but personally I just want “Animal Crossing”! On a side note “Club Nintendo” (the online loyalty club that most countries have access to) is finally going to launch in the states shortly. Hooray!

“Puzzle Quest” for PS3

If you’ve heard all about “Puzzle Quest” — a firm favorite of the Lesbian Gamers team — but you only own a PS3, fret no longer valiant knight, for thou shall soon know the joy of casting spells and matching colors. D3Publisher has announced “Puzzle Quest” for the PS3 in downloadable format.

No prices have been announced, but we imagine it will fall in line with the Xbox 360 pricing structure. The cool thing about the PS3 version is that it comes bundled with the “Plague Lord” expansion that released on the Xbox 360 a while back.

“Fable 2” loses more stuff, but the Collectors Edition suffers

“Fable 2” has been in the news a lot for the last week or so, mainly because of how the much touted co-op mode that Peter Molyneux raved about at various press conferences hasn’t made it into the final launch version of the game (annoying!). This week, fans got another poke in the eye when it was announced the “Fable 2: Collector’s Edition” has suffered some major reduction with its included goodies. The set will now ship without the Hobbe figurine, the five special printed cards and the fancy box it was to come in. You’ll still get the making of DVD, a bit of artwork and the game, though, and they dropped the price by $10.

Fable 2 Collectors Edition slimmed down

“Dead Space” goes gold — prepare to be scared!

We’re hoping “Dead Space” will live up to the hype, but with a multitude of other over-hyped releases hitting, who knows. “Dead Space” will release in a couple of weeks stateside for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and is looking very nice indeed. It’s a shame they didn’t stick to their Halloween release date, just to add to the spooky atmosphere of the game, but I guess this means you get it earlier, so can’t really complain about that.

Here’s a bit from the presser:

In “Dead Space,”players step into the role of mining engineer Isaac Clarke, an ordinary man on a seemingly routine mission to fix the communications systems aboard a deep space mining ship. It’s not long before Isaac awakes to a living nightmare filled with vicious genetic mutations inside a dead, claustrophobic silence. Now Isaac is cut off, trapped, and engaged in a desperate fight for survival.

That’s all for now, gaming fans. For more news and reviews, head on over to Lesbian This week we’ve got a new Lesbian Tryst in the form of Leeza X and Cindy Lennox. We look at gaming homophobia, and we’ve got a really cool interview with “LEGO Batman” producer Loz Doyle, in which he tells us he’d turn gay for a certain adorable little guy. We’re still running the Civilization Revolution (DS) competition if you’d like the chance to win a brand new copy of the game.

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Keep on gaming!

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