New Music Tuesday: 8-12-08


This week almost every genre has something to offer music fans. Here’s a few selections for your consideration.

Janelle Monáe Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Bad Boy/Wondaland Arts Society/Atlantic)

At 23, she’s the newest R&B star on the scene whose sound is soul-punk influenced in the vein of Santogold. Fans of M.I.A. and Outkast’s brand of hip-hop will appreciate Metropolis.

Sick of Sarah Sick of Sarah (Adamant)

A strong debut from a Midwestern band of gay ladies, this self-titled album is pop-punk perfection. Fans of Paramore will appreciate Sick of Sarah (especially the gay ones).

Various Artists Songs for Tibet — The Art of Peace (Art of Peace Foundation)

Featuring songs from Alanis Morisette, Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Garbage, Vanessa Carlton and Suzanne Vega, benefiting Tibet has never benefited your eardrums like The Art of Peace. The tracks are new versions, remixes or recorded live.

Inara George with Van Dyke ParksAn Invitation (Everloving)

Folk-pop orchestration from Inara George with instrumentalist pal Van Dyke Parks on hand. If you like the sounds of the aforementioned Ms. Spektor, you’ll appreciate George’s sincere songwriting.

What are you planning to purchase today?