Gaming is for girls: Katy Perry and Ladytron sign on for a “Sims” soundtrack


Here’s your gaming news rundown for the week from LesbianGamers!

“GTA: IV” dated for PC

Fear not PC-only gamers: Soon you’ll be able to pick up “ladies of the night” and run them down in your beat up car after dropping them off on a street corner. Yes, the bastion of all that is socially sardonic in gaming (“GTA: IV”) is headed to PC November 21 in Europe and November 18 in US (expect other regions to fall in line with these dates).

Illuminated Rock Band drumsticks

Illuminated sticks for “Rock Band”

If you want to shed a little light on your “Rock Band” proceedings, look no further than the Illuminated Drumsticks from The Ant Commandos. They’re available in two colors — flame red and electric blue — and are available at a suggested retail price of $19.99, which includes two drumsticks in each package (well yes, you would hope so wouldn’t you?).

“Braid” for XBLA smashing reviews

You know we like to review games ourselves and give honest (non-industry pressured) opinions on Gay Girls Who Game. Every now and again, review scores from all sources are so high, you have to try something for yourself and “Braid” seems to be one such title on the XBLA download service. We may well review this in the next GGWG episode.

Sims 2 Apartment Life soundtrack info

“Sims 2: Apartment Life” soundtrack

Yeah, we know — how weird that a Sims expansion should need a soundtrack. That aside, the line-up is strong and includes Good Charlotte, Katy Perry, Vanilla Sky from Italy, Ranetki Girls from Russia and Lola, a Hungarian pop star gaining fame and recognition across Europe, as well as Artwerk artists Chromeo, Ladytron and Junkie XL. Australian singer and songwriter Gabriella Cilmi is also on the soundtrack, singing her hit debut title, “Sweet About Me.”

Japanese gamers line streets for Xbox 360 game

No, it’s not April 1 — you read it right. The Japanese release of “Tales of Vesperia” for Xbox 360 actually had people lining up, rather than suppressing a yawn. The Xbox 360 has sold abysmally since launch in Japan (well, compared to other consoles), but recent exclusive titles have certainly pushed console sales up.

BioShock movie might be okay

“BioShock” movie might be alright

Ken Levin, creative direct at 2K Boston, seems happy with the way the planned BioShock movie is going. In a recent interview, Levine stated: “My expectation at this time, from everything that I’ve heard, is that it will very much honor the dramatic and thematic elements of the game … They certainly understand the material and are able to provide a stamp of their own.” BioShock the movie is scheduled for a 2010 release and is being directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean).

Naughty Dog say “Uncharted” only used 40% of PS3 capacity

Pretty impressive to say the least, given “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” is a stunningly good title. Lead designer Richard Lemarch and stated in an interview he thinks the PS3 has “great, untapped potential.” We say, get working on “Uncharted 2” then!

GLAAD and video games

Over at LesbianGamers this week we started an interesting discussion on why video games aren’t part of the GLAAD media umbrella. We think perhaps they should be and we’ll certainly be following this up.

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