New Music Tuesday: 7-29-08


It’s only the second edition of New Music Tuesday here at and yet there’s not too much going on this week, unfortunately. However, there are still a few items of interest, depending on your personal taste, so we haven’t given up on the music industry yet.

Level-CLevel-C (Locomotive Records)

Why so serious, ladies? Level-C is an all-female metal band from Cleveland that get rowdy on tracks like “Suck a Fist.” (Add this as your MySpace song for a strong reaction.)

Walls of JerichoThe American Dream (Trustkill)

The hardcore band with tattooed frontwoman Candace Kucsulain has had a few break-ups and make-ups but their return will prove their staying power.

Sonic YouthSYR8: Andre Sider Af Sonic Youth (Sonic Youth / Syr)

Yet another album from the punk-grunge legends (and number eight in the SYR8 series alone). Most likely a purchase only for fans that can afford to buy a new Sonic Youth album every week.

Since there are only a few noteworthy releases for this week, I also suggest checking out a couple of other albums that have been recently released in the past month, including Quitzow‘s electro-pop Art College, Alina Simone‘s sultry Everyone is Crying Out to Me, Beware, and Hayley Bonar‘s Big Star.

Alina Simone

Here’s hoping August will be a little more plentiful. Did I miss any albums you anticipated this week?

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