Hayden Panettiere needs a “Wake Up Call”


Being the crazy Heroes fan that I am, I have to admit I was kind of excited curious when I heard “cheerleader” Hayden Panettiere had a new album in the works. It’s been a week since I heard the news, and since Hay-Pan went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to share some tracks and talk about her skills. I’m only posting on this now because it’s taken me all this time to absorb the songs I’ve heard and come to grips with the fact that the dolphin-saving surfer/actress’s foray into music is not that great. By “not that great,” I mean maybe she should leave the record-making to Paris and Lindsay.

A friend of mine said it reminded her of the “pop music they play in Hawaii, only worse.” Best Week Ever canned the video for “Wake Up Call,” where 18-year-old Hay-Pan sings lines like “You don’t by me drinks” and “I think I’m gonna have to cheat to keep your eyes on me.”

Clearly she’s teamed up with people who know how to make a fresh beat, if nothing else. And we know from her work as an actress that her artistic taste is discriminating and driven to quality. She’s gorgeous and young and brimming with artistic integrity, so I have to wonder if music is where she goes to slack off.

Will you be giving her album a chance?

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