Adele is the next one-named wonder


These days, being compared to Amy Winehouse would be the equivalent to calling some a trashy, racist crack-head. Not so flattering, right? But, there was a time just a few short months ago that Ms. “Wino” Winehouse was on the top of the world with a platinum-selling album, Grammy awards, and a number one song. And it was then that a young, British soulful singer, Adele started making a name for herself was referred to as “the next Amy Winehouse.”

Don’t worry, Adele — we know it’s only a musical comparison, and I have to say that I don’t think it’s that far off, either. Both women have a very smoky component to their voices (of course, in conjunction with that accent, woo!) and both graduated from the prestigious Brit School (as did Lily Allen, Kate Nash and Katie Melua). In fact, last spring Adele suggested that the female alums form a “supergroup” of sorts, but I think Winehouse’s recent exploits have probably quashed that idea.

After winning the first ever Critics’ Choice Award at the BRIT Awards in December, Adele has seen her career skyrocket. Her freshman album, 19, debuted at #1 in the UK and was certified platinum in three weeks. The song “Chasing Pavement,” reached #2 in the UK and the top ten in several other European countries.

Recently, Adele’s popularity in the United States has been growing: she just completed her first North American tour, has signed with Columbia Records, performed last week on The Late Show with David Letterman, and “Hometown Glory,” was featured on the finale of a little show called Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

The single, which I can only describe as a haunting love song for her hometown (London, duh), is easily my favorite from the album. It was actually originally released last year, before 19 came out, as a limited edition vinyl, but it is being re-released in the UK on July 21. You can watch the video (along with several others) on her MySpace page.

Of course, with success comes a wave of press coverage and scrutiny, but the thing I like the best about the singer is that she seems to have a good, strong head on her shoulders, and a brazen sense of candor to match. Take her interview with Digital Spy, for instance. When asked how she was doing at the beginning of the interview, Adele responded, “Hungover. I’ve been on a four-day bender because I just got back from America and I’ve been catching up with my mates in the pub. I don’t get too drunk when I’m on tour because I don’t want to cancel anything, so I have to make up for it afterwards.”

It looks like she’s learned a little something from the Winehouse demise after all; save your partying for after performances, people!

Later in the interview, when asked how she was handling all the fame, Adele had this to say:

It’s all gone so fast that it’s impossible to notice everything that’s happened, let alone take it all in. I tried to develop a tough skin for a while and kept ignoring everything that was going on, which made me come across a bit confrontational and cocky I think. But in fact I’m the complete opposite: I couldn’t be happier with what’s happening, but I’m trying not to think about it in case I s— myself.

Note to self: Do not, under any circumstances, make Adele think about her fame and talent.

So, a crazy-good voice, a Grey’s tie-in, an accent, and a dirty mouth? I think I’m in love!

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