Yoko Ono owns the remix


It’s kind of unfortunate that most people think of Yoko Ono as the woman responsible for breaking up the Beatles. If you appreciate envelope-pushing ladies, you probably know there’s a little more to her than that.

In addition to her far-reaching humanitarian work, Ono has always been fearless about jumping on the cutting edge of art and music production. She’s already released a small handful of electronic dance remix albums, but her most recent release marks a notable music anniversary.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 39 years since Ono joined John Lennon in bed at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal for the historic bed-in for peace. It was there that they teamed up with a bunch of friends and recorded — from their bed — the anthem, “Give Peace a Chance.”

Now, to commemorate the occasion, she’s teamed up with some new friends who know their way around electronic music (such as Tommie Sunshine and Johnny Vicious) to create Give Peace a Chance (The Remixes). Because remixing for peace isn’t enough, Ono’s record company is releasing the singles completely digitally to create less waste and lessen their footprint on the environment.

You can listen to “Give Peace a Chance 08” on Ono’s MySpace page. It sets her inspiring, articulate poetry (“Think peace, act peace, spread peace”) against a driving electronic rhythm mixed with the original chorus of “All we are saying is give peace a chance.” If this is what comes on the 39th anniversary of the bed-in, what can we expect from Ono next year? And, seriously, how much do we love Yoko?

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