Lily and Lindsay team up for a duet


The interwebs are abuzz with talk about Lily Allen‘s upcoming record — rumors about a duet with hot mess actress/”singer” Lindsay Lohan, and talk about her team-up with producer Greg Kurstin (The Bird & The Bee). There’s also the dubiously provocative album title: Stuck on the Naughty Step, about which Allen told Rolling Stone, “Like a timeout, you know? I feel like I’m stuck in a hole where people say, ‘Lily, you’re bad. Go think about what you’ve done’.”

You may recall Allen’s career shifted into high gear two years ago, after the popularity of her song “Smile” swept across MySpace. Certainly, MySpace has proven effective for her, as her profile has been viewed nearly 19.5 million times. That’s more profile views than even Madonna has received. Crazy.

As for the rumored duet with Lohan, it sounds like it was born out of Allen’s friendship with Lohan’s (alleged) girlfriend Sam Ronson, who introduced the two over dinner. The duet is titled “Wherever You Go.”

Meanwhile, Lohan has reportedly just finished her third album, scheduled to drop November 4. This time, she teamed up with Pharrell, Akon, StarGate and Bloodshy, and Avant. The first single from the record, “Playground,” is due in September.

The prospect of a Lohan-Allen collaboration is curious and intriguing. If you had to guess, do you think it’ll be worth the wait?

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