Bust magazine turns 15


Unfortunately, there are only a handful of national print magazines that are geared towards women that have little to do with finding and pleasing a man. Fortunately, one of those publications is Bust, a bi-monthly magazine for “women who have something to get off their chests.” It’s a little less political than Ms., and a little more pop culture-laden than Bitch, which is why it appeals to women that like to read something with substance (as well as pretty pictures!)

Responsible for both the words and said pretty pictures are Debbie Stoller and Laurie Henzel, the creators of the magazine who have been with it since day one, 15 years ago. Stoller serves as editor in chief, while Henzel is creative director. Together, they put together something that the New York Post calls “[a] sassy, sexy magazine — beloved by smart, loyal urbanites across the country.”

I know, I know — the Post can’t always be trusted. But honestly, there weren’t too many places in the 1990s that you could find cover stories and candid interviews with intelligent women – it’s hard enough now and we have the Internet at our disposal! But consider this: the mag’s 15th anniversary issue has Amy Sedaris on the cover, coming out of a cake. Magical!

Also in the new issue, an interview with Diablo Cody and a feature on female rappers. But the big celebration comes in the form of a party (of course!). On August 15 at Spiegelworld in New York City, the ladies of Bust will be hosting a soiree with Ms. Sedaris as the emcee. Also involved: circus performers, burlesque, comedy acts and DJs, as well as Leslie Hall, Free Blood, Murray Hill, the Pontani Sisters, and Morningwood.

That’s one serious birthday party. When I was 15, I’m pretty sure my parents rented out a local hunter’s lodge and hired some third-rate DJ to play PG jams while the boys stood around the pool table. I should have known then that they were totally disposable no fun, at least to me!

Are you a Bust-y kind of gal? Have you been a reader since the beginning or does it sound like something new you might be into checking out?

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