“I Kissed A Girl” version 2.0


Back in 1995, there were questions about Jill Sobule‘s sexuality. How could there not be? She released a hit song about kissing another girl (aptly titled, “I Kissed a Girl.”) But Sobule admitted the song was simply a song, and there wasn’t any truth to the lyrics.

Newcomer Katy Perry released a single of the same name, but it’s a completely different track. It’s still poppy, and it’s still not true. Perry has told the press, “It’s about the magical beauty of a woman.” Hmm, I didn’t really get that from “No, I don’t even know your name / It doesn’t matter / You’re my experimental game / Just human nature / It’s not what, good girls do.” How flattering! Lesbians love to be science projects.

Entertainment Weekly asked Sobule how she felt about Perry’s version, and she said her fans are actually more annoyed than she is:

“Some think it’s more of a Girls Gone Wild thing than anything shocking or empowering to true gay feelings.”

Sobule’s song was about kissing a friend, and how she was glad she had. “It was just like kissing me / but better,” she sang, and going on to sing she’d do it again. (Not that we need her validation, but I’ll take that over Perry shrugging her same-sex kiss as a bad girl’s night on the town.)

Perry’s song has gotten a lot of attention, but Sobule doesn’t mind: it’s given her attention by default.

“Maybe I’ll write a third ‘I Kissed a Girl’ for fun,” she said. “It will be about how I kissed her, left the dull boyfriend, got gay-married in California, and really no one gave a s–t. Katy Perry’s song is a kind of catchy party song, although I will admit that I do smile when a critique mentions my version in a more favorable light. Is that wrong?”

Is Katy Perry cute enough that maybe you don’t care? They’re probably both going to milk it for all it’s worth, so go ahead: steal our thunder. At least we’re the ones who get to keep kissing girls. We are now taking applications for our next faux lesbian singer/songwriter. Care to apply?

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