Cyndi Lauper wants to “Bring Ya To the Brink”


While they both came out of the same pop cauldron of the early ’80s, Cyndi Lauper and Madonna are rarely compared to one another musically. Well, that is, until now. Just in time for pride month (not to mention her second annual True Colors Tour), Cyndi has released her own confessions on the dancefloor. Her new CD, Bring Ya to the Brink, is a pure dance confection. Its 12 pulsing tracks will give Madge and her Hard Candy a run for disco domination.

The video for the single, “Into the Nightlife,” was also just released. Crowded dance floors, same-sex canoodling and the fabulous Cyndi Lauper? What’s not to like?

And lest you think Cyndi’s new danceable delights are all sound and fury, signifying nothing – take heart. This girl may just want to have fun, but she’s not mindless fun. Cyndi told Entertainment Weekly the inspiration for the “Into the Nightlife” was Henry Miller’s book by the same name that also inspired Lawrence Ferlinghetti‘s A Coney Island of the Mind. That, in turn, inspired Cyndi to describe NYC’s nightlife in the song.

And, those literary aspirations aren’t the disc’s only intellectual aspirations: The album’s tracks hit on everything from bad relationships (“Same Ol’ Story”) to politics and celebrity culture (“Raging Storm”) and the day-to-day grind (“Lyfe”).

“This is an album that can be experienced in two completely different ways,” Cyndi said in press material for the CD. “A dance album that you can move to and enjoy on a surface level. But if you want more than that, there’s a lot to discover inside the lyrics … these songs get pretty deep.”

Cyndi has also been a stalwart supporter of gay rights throughout her career. Her second annual True Colors Tour for gay rights kicked off May 31 and runs through the beginning of July. The CD’s irresistible club tracks makes a perfect accompaniment to the merriment of the both the tour and pride month.

Cyndi worked with top dance producers like Dragonette, Kleerup, Basement Jaxx and Axwell. The result definitely has a beat and you can dance to it. While Cyndi’s off-beat style and inimitable voice made her an 80s pop icon, Bring Ya To the Brink may take Cyndi over the brink into full-on dance divahood.

So, do you like “Into the Nightlife”? Are you intrigued by Cyndi the dancing queen? And how long did it take you to realize “She Bop” was actually kind of naughty?

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