Tori Amos is on her own


Grammy winning singer, songwriter and incredible pianist Tori Amos has been recording for major labels since 1992, but for her eleventh album due out next year, she’s going it alone, ending her deal with Epic Records to release her work independently.

If there’s anyone who has the fanbase and the know-how to step away from the money and promotion that the majors can give, it’s Amos. She’s maintained her eccentricity and arty piano pop while reaching a wide audience, and her new album is said to be even more interesting, described as “a project of new music and visuals.” Leave it to Tori to get even more creative: her 2007 album, American Doll Posse, featured her as five different female characters based on Greek mythology. (Did I mention she’s quite eccentric?)

The music business is certainly seeing artists find several new ways of self-promotion and distribution, including Radiohead giving their album away for any price fans wanted to pay online last year, and indie band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah turning down all label offers to continue Internet orders. If musicians want their music to be purchased and they’d like to actually reap the benefits of it, they are finding new ways, and Tori Amos is, as always, a trailblazer. Leave it to her to find some innovative ways to keep us interested.

And while you’re waiting for the new album to drop, check out the graphic novel, Comic Book Tattoo, she’s been working on that will be published in July. It’s said to be based on her discography, so it’ll certainly be an exciting read.

Are you a Tori fan? Will you support her now that she’s on her own?

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