Straight musicians dedicate their songs to us


Surely you’ve noticed that straight people are just as fascinated with us as we are with them (probably more so). Some are so intrigued that they use us as fodder for song lyrics, which can be either disastrous or hilarious, depending on the context. Others walk a fine line (i.e., Kanye West rapping, “Heard they’d do anything for a Klondike/Well I’d do anything for a blond dyke” in his single, “Stronger” — funny or offensive? The jury’s still out.)

Here are some of my favorite tunes about us, but not by us:

Weezer – “Pink Triangle” — Choice lyrics from this ’90s hit include:

I’m dumb, she’s a lesbian

I thought I had found the one

We were good as married in my mind

But married in my mind’s no good

Pink triangle on her sleeve.

Sorry, Rivers!

Reel Big Fish – “She Has a Girlfriend Now” — A ska band singing its woes! It seems this girl made the right decision because this dude never had a chance:

I never thought it would end like this

just because I’ve got no t–s.

Yeah, that’s totally the only reason she’s into chicks.

Jens Lekman – “A Postcard to Nina” — See, some dudes can be sweet! As he explains in the clip, this song was written about Jens’ lesbian pal who asked him to pretend to be her fiancé so her dad wouldn’t know she was gay:

Nina I can be your boyfriend

So you can stay with your girlfriend

Your father is a sweet old man

But it is hard for him to understand


hat you wanna love a woman.

Two other honorable mentions that don’t have videos in their honor: Engelbert Humperdinck‘s “Lesbian Seagull” and Loudon Wainwright‘s “I Wish I Was a Lesbian” (the latter is especially awesome). We’re just so song-worthy!

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