Rachel McAdams: Give her a cape already!


As if I didn’t heart Rachel McAdams enough after her turns in Mean Girls, The Hot Chick and Red Eye … now, in an interview with MTV Movies, she reveals herself to be a comic book reader who wants to play a superhero on-screen. I mean, does she want me to get down on one knee and propose? OK, fine, “uncle.” I’ll head to Zales this weekend and pick up a sparkly ring.

And yes, I said The Hot Chick. Why are you looking at me like that? It’s funny! The mighty McAdams–Anna Faris duo overpowers any negative Rob Schneider effects, and you know it. It’s all right, you don’t have to be embarrassed about liking that movie any longer. I’m not … much.

The point here is that McAdams has expressed interest in Black Orchid, a DC Comics character with (heh) roots in the 1970s who was most famously resurrected in the late ’80s by Sandman scribe Neil Gaiman.

McAdams says: “[I]t’s a really interesting character. She’s a superhero that’s a flower. I don’t know if that would work or the audiences would be interested in that, but she was kind of cool.” I know I’d be interested, so at the least the film production company could expect a box office draw of $10.

Black Orchid isn’t exactly a flower — she’s a human-plant hybrid who’s wicked strong and can fly and do all that sort of awesome superhero-y stuff. And she’s purple. What more do you need?

After copping to reading comic books and auditioning for roles in Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Batman Begins, it seems that Rachel McAdams really does want to play around in the world of super powers and capes … which means that I’ve got a wedding to plan. I’m thinking maybe an “untraditional” ceremony on the beach where we exchange seashells that remind us of each other, and then we have pizza. We can register at Midtown Comics, and you guys can totally buy us graphic novels and stuff. Excelsior, Rachel McAdams, excelsior indeed!

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