Rack ’em up: The women of the WPBA


Lately I’ve been watching billiards every time I happen to catch a broadcast on ESPN. Over the holidays, I watched Allison Fisher win the Women’s Professional Billiards Association Championship, and shortly after that I watched Karen Corr win the WPBA Midwest Classic. (Fisher is English and Corr is Irish — they were both raised on snooker, I’m guessing?)

And this past weekend, I caught some of the World Cup of Trick Shots, featuring Jeanette Lee and Ewa Laurance. Ewa is fascinating — not only is she stunning and skilled, but when she serves as an announcer for the tournaments, she’s smart and funny. No wonder they call her the Striking Viking.

Here’s Jeanette Lee in action — they call her the Black Widow:

And here’s a clip of Jeanette and Ewa doing the same trick shot:

Wouldn’t you love to meet those two at a bar for a game of 8-ball? On second thought, maybe I’d just watch them play — though I might be able to hold my own if we played Wii Billiards instead. I wonder what my billiards nickname would be? Probably Miss Cue.

Here are some of the stars of the WPBA. Turn on your gaydar! (I don’t think my gaydar is up to the task, because the chalk pouches fool me every time.)

Allison Fisher, “The Duchess of Doom”

Karen Corr, “The Irish Invader”

Ewa Mataya Laurance, “The Striking Viking”

Jeanette Lee, “The Black Widow”

Monica Webb, “The Assassin” (ding ding ding ding!)

Ga-Young Kim, “Little Devil Girl”

Kelly Fisher, “Kwik Fire”

And one more of Karen Corr, this time as a hood ornament:

The next big tournament is the WPBA Classic at Odawa Casino in Michigan, March 12–16.

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