Colbie Caillat gets “Bubbly”


I have a new music obsession. Colbie Caillat (rhymes

with ballet) draws me in with every word that escapes her


I first heard her blend of soul and folk in a random

commercial, and once I was finally able to put a name and face to the

voice, I was hooked. Apparently I’m not the only one drawn

in by her sound. For over four months, Caillat was the No. 1 unsigned

artist on MySpace, and she eventually gained the attention of record executives.

She signed with Universal Republic, and her debut album, Coco,

has been a clear success. The first single, “Bubbly,”

reached its peak on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 5 and has spent 26 weeks on

the chart. That song has also garnered over 630,000 plays on her MySpace page.

Here’s the video for “Bubbly.”

On the liner notes for Coco, Caillat offers her thanks to family, friends and those

who helped with the making of the album. She also thanks several big-time musicians for doing

what they do. And she knows about what they do. Her father,

Ken Caillat
, coproduced two of Fleetwood Mac’s albums,

and Tusk. In addition to thanking Fleetwood Mac, Caillat also

thanks Lauryn Hill. I’d like to thank them, too.

At only 26, Caillat could have

a long career ahead of her. Let me be the first to say that I certainly

hope so.

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