Gay Girls Who Game Video Blog: Best Video Games of 2007


Australians Tracy Whitelaw and Angela Simpson, avid

gamers and avid lesbians, recently launched the website

(with the cheeky tagline "because sometimes we use our hands for other things").

Their mission is to give lesbians a place to chat about video games and to provide reviews and info on lesbian gaming — you just can’t find this stuff anywhere else!

Since many readers (including myself) are known to pick up a

controller now and then, I invited Tracy and Angela to do a regular video blog

to give us the scoop on the latest games and gaming news.

In their first episode, they run down some of the must-have games of 2007 across

all formats, including Heavenly Sword, Tomb Raider Anniversary, Mass Effect,

My Sims and Guitar Hero III.

They also offer their take on the Mass Effect lesbian/alien sex controversy,

and Tracy dishes the dirt on Angela’s secret gaming embarrassment.

Here’s a little background on Tracy and Angela:

Tracy is a full-time writer for a technology company working on artificial

intelligence, and she also does freelance work on lesbian representation and gaming.

She’s a Mac fangirl and proud gadget geek.

Angela is a full-time writer who

works online for a variety of technology/gaming websites. She also runs a

few of her own websites that are all about gaming and social science.

They both

live on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia, where it’s sunny all year round

and the beaches are their backyard.

Now watch the vlog!

Gay Girls Who Game: Best Games of 2007


from Veoh

Check back in January for more gaming vlogs from Tracy and Angela.

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