Rocking out for world peace


Some things just naturally

go together. Chocolate and peanut butter. Ebony and ivory. Laurel and

Hardy. Other stuff, well, it needs a little more explanation. Like,

I’ve always been a little confused by the Nobel Peace Prize

. It’s

not that I think the winners of the Peace Prize don’t deserve

a good show. Quite the contrary. But I’ve been somewhat intrigued by the


in the past. What, exactly, do pop megasuperstars have to do with world


Since it began in 1994, some

of the hottest international performers have played the concert to honor

the winners of one most respected international awards. This year the

lineup includes Melissa Etheridge, Kylie Minogue, Alicia Keys, Annie

and KT Tunstall. The show was hosted by Uma Thurman

and Kevin Spacey. Great lineup. Cool hosts. But I’m still perplexed.

Should we now change it to “all we are saying is give Uma a chance”?

Perhaps I’m just being uptight.

Or grouchy. I mean, I haven’t finished all my holiday shopping yet,

and don’t even get me started on the cards. I will send them out,

Mom. Stop asking. Perhaps I should just give in to the insanity of the fact that

acts from Boyz II Men to Shania Twain, Jennifer Lopez

to Lionel Richie have serenaded such respected figures as

Kofi Annan
, Jimmy Carter

and now Al Gore. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s

got, she’s just Jenny, Jenny for the peaceful existence in our global


So, here goes. I am going to

accept the incongruous coupling of rock stars and peace activists. I

am going to give in to the star power. I am going to stare meaningfully

at Kylie’s PVC-dress and think of planetary togetherness.

, anyone?

Some other shots from the show,

and the peaceful thoughts they inspire:

Annie Lennox:

When world leaders won’t listen to your thoughts on the war, it’s

perfectly acceptable to scream.

Melissa Etheridge:

We need to wake up. And Melissa may need to get a filling in her top

right bicuspid.

Alicia Keys:

I’m thinking a lot of thoughts, none of them peaceful.

KT Tunstall:

I got nothing, but I thought you might like to see her.

Well, now I see the wisdom

of stars and leaders uniting for peace. Booty bump for world peace,


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