MTV web series helps college student say, “I’m gay”


As we mentioned in Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. last week, there’s a new interactive web series called How Do I Say This? I’m Gay on the mtvU website. The project was inspired by an email from Lilly, a college student seeking advice on how to come out to her family. Here’s a snippet from her email:

“I’m in college and about to go off to my second year. That’s not the problem. I’m gay, and that’s not a problem either, it’s that I don’t know how to tell my mom and dad. I can go off to school and be who I really am, but I don’t want to have to hide it from my family.”

Readers respond via video clips and images — so far the responses include a coming-out story in which “gay” is distinguished from “eccentric,” and an animated short that captures the concept of taking “baby steps.”

Take a look at this clip, in which a reader describes one of those awkward mom moments:

Visit to view all the responses so far and give Lilly your advice!

Note: Please don’t post advice here; go to to contribute your suggestions.

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