Emmy Rossum’s music career turns “Inside Out”


Emmy Rossum has tried her hand at three kinds of opera (Metropolitan, soap and Phantom), as well as film and TV. So why not take on the pop world? Last month she released her first CD, Inside Out.

Though she is perhaps best known for her Golden Globe–nominated performance in the 2006 film version of The Phantom of the Opera, Rossum has been singing all her life. At the age of seven, she auditioned at the Metropolitan Opera. She went on to perform in 20 separate productions in six different languages at Lincoln Center, alongside icons such as Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti. Now just 21, she has had roles in big-budget Hollywood films, including Mystic River, The Day After Tomorrow and Poseidon. On her website, she notes that she prefers music to movies:

“In the movies, I’ve always felt like one piece of the puzzle. But this is all me. It’s my baby. I get to write, direct and star. And that’s the most fulfilling thing. It’s everything I’ve always wanted to do. This music is so close to me. It’s something new … You can’t categorize it.”

The first single, “Slow Me Down,” has an Enya feel to it. The layers of harmonies showcase just what an amazing voice she has. Here’s the video:

Inside Out is available on iTunes (including anecdotes, pictures and a bonus track). Rossum appeared on Good Morning America and Extra last week and sang the anthem at the New Jersey Devils game over the weekend. Sounds like we’ll be hearing a lot from her in the future, and I for one couldn’t be more thrilled! Visit her MySpace page for more.

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