Italian “gay baby” ad: insightful or insolent?


Take a look at this Italian ad, featuring a newborn who really knows how to accessorize:

Pretty startling, isn’t it? The ad, which has appeared in Italian newspapers and on billboards across Tuscany, says, “Sexual orientation is not a choice.” The ads are sponsored by the regional government in an effort to combat homophobia and to promote the Festival of Creativity. Similar ads appeared in Quebec last year; the campaign was developed by a Canadian foundation called Emergence.

Naturally, conservative politicians and the Vatican are not happy. But neither are some gay activists, according to an article in The Sydney Morning Herald:

Philosopher Gianni Vattimo said the ad risked suggesting gays and lesbians were a race apart. Transgender leftist MP Vladimir Luxuria said he was perplexed by the choice of the image.

Wow, “transgender leftist MP”? Maybe homophobia isn’t so rampant there after all.

What do you think: Does the ad simply make a point, albeit provocatively, or does it cross a line?

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