Tori Amos and the “American Doll Posse”: best Tori ever?


What do you want Tori Amos

to be for Halloween?

Win the Tori Amos Halloween

and you

get to dress Tori for her Halloween show in Pittsburgh. (No word on who gets

to undress her.) The concert is part of her American Doll Posse

tour in support of her latest album.

American Doll Posse

is a concept album, a musical story told through five women — Santa, Clyde, Isabel, Tori and Pip — based on Aphrodite, Persephone,

Artemis, Demeter and Athena, feminine archetypes from Greek mythology.

(Each character has her own website, linked to the names above.) In

concert, Amos performs the first half as one of the characters, chosen

at random. She steps out of character for the second half. This music

video of "Big Wheel" introduces the posse.

The Boston Herald described the effect of Amos' performance as

Pip, the character who channels the virgin Greek warrior goddess, Athena.

"Dressed in rubber leggings

and a black wig, Amos performed dark, edgy selections of old and new

material as her alter ego, writing and wriggling, grabbing at her crotch,

getting down on all fours and spasmodically shaking before flipping-off

the crowd. While it may have seemed over the top, it was effective:

You almost believed the woman on stage was an imposter."

Just to make sure we get to

see all members of the posse in action, Amos is posting live sets from

her American Doll Posse tour for purchase on the Legs & Boots

(just in

the U.S. currently, but they're working availability to other countries).

Details and ticket information for the tour are here. To tide you over, here's Amos with

"Bouncing Off Clouds."

Have you heard American

Doll Posse
yet? How does it compare to previous Tori brilliance?

If you've been to one of the concerts, how was it? Which member of the

posse did you meet? And what do you think Tori should be for Halloween?

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