Lucy and Renee whip it good in Chicago


First she shook her fringed

mini-dress on Celebrity Duets and made America realize Lucy Lawless

wasn’t just the Warrior Princess anymore. Then she won the hearts

of lesbians everywhere at her two sold-out concerts at LA’s Roxy Theater

and a follow-up set of shows in New York City. This weekend, it was

Chicago’s turn.

Although I couldn’t get there,

there are those who could, and fortunately for Lucy and Renee fans everywhere,

they agreed to spill. KT (the other KT, not the KT who does photography

for sometimes; the Xenaverse can be very confusing, I know)

had this to say about Lucy:

Luce was in her leather

chaps and jeans. No cowboy songs so no cowgirl hats used as props tonight.

My friend who believes that someday Lucy’s sheer gorgeous sexiness

will give him a heart attack was behind me and every time Lucy did a

bump and grind in her chaps, women all around the hall would cheer madly.

As the cheers faded away, I could hear him gasping just a bit. And once

I heard a small, exhaled, “Oh my heart.”

I know just how her friend

feels. Sigh.

Since where Xena goes Gabrielle’s

never far behind, it only makes sense that Renee O’Connor (who shakes

a mean fringed mini-dress of her own) joined her for a little go-go-girl-on-girl

action, just like she has at every other performance:

This time, the song Renee

danced along with was “Let It Whip.” As a

nice little bonus, she brought along a “tickler” — a little whippy

crop that ended in a long piece of soft pink feathery looking material.

She whipped it around the stage as Lucy sang and they both gyrated.

Then she teased Lucy with it a bit, and then I guess I blinked or something

because suddenly Lucy had the tickler and was whipping it around Renee,

who turned away from Lucy and received a few swats on the butt as she

danced away. This was a real crowd pleaser of a pas de deux.

More reportage here.

Thanks to Ann and MaryD for the photos!

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