Liz Hickok: Every gay mecca needs a little wiggle room


Have you ever imagined what San Francisco would look like if it were made entirely of Jell-O? Yeah, me neither. Whose brain a) actually thought of that and b) pulled it off awesomely? That would be one Liz Hickok‘s:

Though she also works in photography, video, sculpture and installation, Ms. Hickok has garnered significant media attention through the wiggliest and wobbliest of media, Jell-O. A San Francisco–based artist, Hickok chose to explore the city’s geological makeup in a very unconventional way:

Liz’s sculptures were showcased in spring 2006 as part of a commemorative exhibit of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and she also won the 2007 Food Network’s “Play With Your Food” award. San Francisco isn’t the only city to receive the Hickok treatment: Scottsdale, Arizona was also available for a limited time in cherry, lemon, orange, whatever mysterious flavor that blue might be (berry blue, perhaps?) and my personal favorite, lime:

Information pertaining to Ms. Hickok’s sexual orientation eluded me, but my lesbidar is tingling a bit from some of the videos and pictures I’ve seen of her. Anyone else? Also, any ideas for her next Jell-O landscape creation?

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