Northern State likes rhymes and rainbows


Lately I can’t stop listening to Northern State‘s new album, Can I Keep This Pen?, which was released August 28 and has been getting great reviews.

Hip-hoppers Sprout, Hesta Prynn and Spero can keep all of my pens if they want to. The trio, which is named after the Northern State Parkway on Long Island, sort of sounds like a cross between Luscious Jackson and Le Tigre, only less mellow and less riotous, respectively. But not less luscious or less, uh, tiger-y. Rrrawr.

Here’s the video for “Better Already,” in which these fine MCs make it clear

that they don’t need to leave the living room to have a good time — but

a few rainbows and unicorns can really make their day. (Am I the only one who

feels like saying “Planet

Unicorn, heyyyy
” after watching this?)

Northern State is currently on tour in Canada with Tegan & Sara. Visit their MySpace page for details.

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