Kissing to be clever (aka “Liv Tyler’s Lesbian Regret”)

on recently ran a hilarious quote by Liv Tyler about playing a lesbian (the original source was her interview with Allure Magazine). Actually, the hilarious part was the headline, "Liv Tyler’s Lesbian Regret." There is so much you can do with the concept of "lesbian regret," isn’t there?

Anyway, Tyler bemoaned the tameness of the kiss scene she did with Kate Hudson a few years ago in Dr. T and the Women.

She said, “Kate plays a woman who is about to get married and she’s completely in love with me. We were always so shy about the kissing but in retrospect we were like, ‘We so should have just totally made out and tongued each other’. But we never did, we were just too scared to do it.”

Eh, it was okay. Nothing to be ashamed of there, Liv. At least you weren’t just brushing each other’s hair.

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