Cat Power and Tina Fey get some respect


Cat Power is officially the first woman to win the Shortlist Music Prize, which honors "acts who have made sterling albums but have not hit the mainstream." Finalists for this year’s award included Regina Spektor and Joanna Newsom, while the judges included KT Tunstall. That’s a lot of coolness in one paragraph; I need a moment.

This isn’t Power’s first nomination for the award, but it’s her first win. If you ask me, any sort of recognition is long overdue. (Power’s real name is Chan Marshall, by the way. And Chan is pronounced "Shawn." OK, I’m done with that.)

In celebration of her win, iTunes is featuring an exclusive Cat Power track, "Up and Gone." While you’re there, download The Greatest (also on eMusic) — you won’t be sorry.

Congratulations, Cat!

Meanwhile, last night, Tina Fey received a Made in New York award for her contributions to the entertainment industry. took the opportunity to interview her. Here are my favorite bits: What do you consider TV’s worst affront to simulating New York City? Seinfeld‘s clean, sunbaked “Upper West Side” sidewalks?

Fey: No, Seinfeld is pretty realistic, I think. Friends is pretty insane, the apartment size and all …. Friends might be the most egregious.

Tina. I’m already ga-ga for you, but you just lobbed a vocabulary bomb at Friends. That is so hot, it’s almost egregious. What’s more important to you, the funny or the story?

Fey: Well, the funny is more important, obviously, but I feel like our chance of survival will only be helped if we can get our story and our characters real enough that people care about them. If people don’t care about the characters, they won’t stick around.

Right on. And we care, Tina: We really, really care.

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