Get freaked out by the trailer for Malinda Lo’s “Adaptation”


When my advance copy of Malinda Lo‘s Adaptation arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago, I barricaded myself in my bedroom, thinking I would read the entire book in one sitting as I had done with her previous two books, Ash and Huntress. I did not read the book in one sitting. Around page 100, I went and got into bed with my roommate because I was so creeped out that my chills had chills — and then I finished the book in one sitting, without blinking.

Maybe you remember Malinda from her time as’s managing editor (maybe specifically from that afternoon she spent in a photo booth with Lena Headey). Since then, she has published two award-winning YA novels that feature lesbisexual leading ladies. And Adaptation follows suit. Or, well, it’s similar in that the the protagonist, Reese, is a queer gal. What’s different is that Ash and Huntress took place in worlds of Malinda’s own making, while Adaptation happens right here in our real world.

Yesterday, Malinda released the trailer for her new book. Check it out below:


It’s even freakier because I already know why!

We’ll have a full review of Adaptation a little closer to its release date, but I wanted to go ahead and put this book on your radar. It’s a perfectly-plotted sci-fi thriller that’ll have you sleeping in your roommate’s bed and saying stuff like: Malinda, if you’re reading this post, stop reading this post, and hurry up with the sequel!

Adaptation will be available on September 18. Until then, you can find out more by following Malinda on Twitter or by visiting her official website.

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