New Music Tuesday: Santigold, Carina Round and more


We’ve got another great week of music releases and the sun is finally starting to shine here in Chicago. To top off my list of things making me happy today, I caught one of my dogs and one of my cats cuddling each other in bed this morning. Secret lovers!

By the way, I apologize for not including Soundcloud embeds last week. I was trying something new and was informed that not all of you were able to listen to the Spotify player. Don’t worry, my boos, I got you covered.

As this was another week filled with lots of music, I’ll be back tomorrow with another round of reviews featuring the likes of Charlene Kaye, Carrie Underwood, Lower Dens and Rita Wilson (at the very least). Now let’s get our jam on.

SantigoldMaster of My Make-Believe (Atlantic Recording)

If there is one way to get me instantly hooked on an album, make the first song irresistibly danceable with a guest appearance from Karen muthaflippin O. This was a particularly great move to make since it seems like we’ve been waiting for this sophomore album for an eternity. Last night, my Twitter feed was blowing up with updates and pictures from her show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Not every song has the booty shaking rhythms of “Go!” or “Big Mouth.” Santi shakes things up on jams like “Fame,” which has unexpected twists and turns that make her music so exciting to listen to. Treat your ears to a full free spin of this album.

Norah Jones Little Broken Hearts (Blue Note Records)

It may not be true for everyone, but for some, heartbreak can be an incredible muse. Norah Jones has put out a few releases and collaborations since her breakout hit, Come Away with Me, but none have been as instantly gratifying as this. Each song seems to be a part of a 12-step process, which is fitting as there are actually twelve songs on the album. “Good Morning” opens the album in such a tender and sweet way, it would be easy to mistake for a love song if you weren’t paying attention. For anyone who has gone through a major breakup, each song has its own unique emotion attached to it that will easily transport you to a specific memory of that time in your life. Even if your own side of the breakup experience isn’t being sung, I’m fairly certain you’ll still have some, “Oh shit,” moments thinking about what your ex may have been thinking. Things get really dark when “Miriam” starts playing. Stream this fantastic album in its entirety over at NPR.

Carina Round Tigermending (TA Carina Round)

Gosh, the first time I heard Carina Round was way back in the day when she was featured on a CMJ artist sampler CD that was included in their latest magazine issue. Her sound had a distinctive darkness to it that made her stick out from the pack. These days, it’s hard to even consider this dark compared to some of the bizarrely fantastic artists currently gaining weirdo-darling status.

Taking preconceived notions out of the equation, Round delivers an album worthy of a good listen. It starts a little slow but builds to some great crescendos of the PJ Harvey variety. One of my favorites on the album features Sierra Swan and is a great example of the sounds bursting forth from Tigermending.

Fader VixenTo The Core (Fader Vixen)

If you’re looking for some very soft synthpop, this duo out of Atlanta might be up your alley. Vocalist Toniet Gallego has a very calm tone that bounces off of the electronic elements playing beneath her. Right now I’m in the mood to dance but when it’s time to wind down, I might throw this album on.

Honorable Mentions: Alcoholic Faith Mission, Father John Misty (I love this), The Spring Standards, Rufus Wainwright, Nick Waterhouse, Tom Williams and the Boat, Patrick Watson (so great), Marilyn Manson, Pennywise, B.o.B., Little Hurricane, Reptar, Portland Cello Project, Matt Singer, Michael Kiwanuka, Ramona Falls.

In other exciting news, The Blow is busy recording a new self-titled album and has released a video to get you psyched to hear more. She”ll also be playing a few shows in the Northeast sometime in May to give fans a preview of the album.

That’s all for this round of new music but be sure to come back tomorrow and check out the rest. For those of you in the U.S. who can see the Spotify player below, you’ll notice I added some dudes to the list this week. It’s because they are awesome. Until tomorrow, feel free to friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter!