Live Twittering from Readers

This is where you’ll find live tweets from members awards shows, new The L Word episodes, and other designated “events.” First up! The Golden Globes, this Sunday (Jan. 11) at 8pm EST/PST (red carpet starts at 6pm EST/PST). See all the nominees here.

When the red carpet interviews begin, and then during the show, twitter your reactions to @afterellen_live and they’ll show up here a few minutes later! To see new tweets, refresh the page, or click here to reload the page (there is a delay of about 20 minutes due to caching, so it’s not technically live, but it’s as close as we can get).

To get these tweets delivered to your phone, sign up for a twitter account and then “follow” the afterellen_live account at (You can also sign up to follow the main twitter account at

Post technical twitter-related questions here, and comment on the GG here.

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