Stylish Streetwear for the Modern Butch and Stud


So far in Butch/Stud Appreciation week, we’ve highlighted amazing women to follow on Instagram and Twitter, plus provided a comprehensive shopping list for butches and studs looking to upgrade their work wardrobe. But what about everyday attire? What should you wear to brunch, bars, coffee shops, shopping, and even on a date? I’ve got you.

Here are some rad outfits suited for masculine identified women of all body types to wear anywhere. You won’t find any $450 T-shirts on this list: I’m sticking to my pledge to provide you with affordable outfits at a reasonable price point. Nobody should go broke trying to look cool. Except Kanye. I don’t really care about him.

These are ordered by legitimacy aka a nice brunch-a shady club you’re only at to get drunk and hit on girls. I know, I know, not your expected outfit guide. But I wanted to be useful, and booty calls are more common than cocktails with your gram gram. Plus I’ve been painfully sincere about butches and studs all week, and I am incapable of being THAT relentlessly perky for five whole articles. I mean I don’t mind. But. Yeah. Cracking.

Weekend Brunch



You love brunch I love brunch we all love brunch. Whether you’re hungover af and looking to recap last night’s debauchery with your girls or taking that girl out for sustenance before returning to bed or even being super mature and intellectual and bringing a book for some solo waffles, this outfit is cool and comfy.

After Dinner Drinks

After Dinner Drinks


T shirt

Goorin mens wool hat

$63 –

Night has fallen. You’re done with work thank god. You need a drink or five to turn up and blow off that simmering steam. You look in your closet. You need something dark—because night is dark AND you know someone is going to spill a drink on you—but striking. You want to stand out but not in a wack way. This is what you should wear.  

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