How to Woo a Woman in the Modern Age


Love is a tricky game. We’ve all been there: agonizing over what to or not to text, staring at our phones waiting on the reply, overanalyzing the reply. Why didn’t she leave punctuation? What did she mean by that emoji? What did she mean when she hugged you? More importantly: What did she mean when she didn’t hug you? It’s enough to drive you insane.

Here are my helpful tips to get you off the bench and on to the field, quarterback style. With these simple moves, you’ll be calling the shots in no time. Trust me, I’ve devised these 100% non-creepy tips that work 100%, 60% of the time.

Text her

I cannot stress this enough: Text this girl ALL the time. Ladies love to be pursued and they LOVE to know you’re available. Even if you feel like the text convo is waning, or even over, be sure to get the last word.  There is nothing cooler than looking down at your phone and seeing a bunch of missed texts. Help your lady feel cool—text her right now.


Ditch your friends

This kind of goes with the point I made above—ladies love availability. Have plans with your friends, but then she sends a text? Clear your schedule—she wants to see you. Surely your friends will understand. Today’s world is all about instant gratification and easy wins. So definitely don’t play hard to get. More than likely she will give up.


Utilize Instagram 

Does your girl have IG?  Do you follow each other?  You might have to work a bit to get her to follow you, but once she does- BANGO! TOUCHDOWN!  You’ll be on her mind with each refresh. Here’s how:

Clog that feed! Make sure that chick sees you. Make it clear that you’re out there and on your phone, ready for her text. Selfies, shoes, cool things you’ve seen that day—win her over by posting a very witty convo you had with a friend to show her how clever you are! Bonus points if it’s with another girl. Trust me—women love to be jealous.


Did she post? Did you double-tap it?  Be sure you get those double-taps in quick.  Let her know that you’re watching. Double-taps say, “Hey, I see you and I like what I see.” DTs can be a bit tricky—if you’re not the first, wait a few hours and then DT so your DT stands out. Standout even more by adding a comment or a hashtag. Not only will it brighten her day by notifying her of another notification from you, but it also shows everyone else that you know what’s up.

Reach out on Twitter 

Treat Twitter like a frenemy. Do a bunch of faves and RTs, but do yourself a favor by not replying too much. You don’t want to look too interested.


Be Facebook Friendly

Once you get that friend request accepted, you can look through all of her past posts and pics. You can also see where she’s going and “randomly” show up there.  You can also leave cute L Word mash-up videos on her wall. Post a few Shane make-out vids so she knows what you’re thinking about. Another hit? That one song by t.A.T.u.—you know the one!


Get her a gift

Take it from me—ladies love gifts. How do I know? Because I am a lady. Make your #1 crush a mixtape ASAP. Don’t worry about coming on too strong—you’re not! Show up to a casual hang out with some flowers or a bottle of perfume. Be unique and show up with something out of the ordinary! Try a roasted chicken! Yummy! They’re cheap and usually sold in a bag these days. Women get hungry.


There ya have it! You are now a modern-age Lothario! Now get out there, Champ! Has your crush done something to win you over that’s not on the list? Tweet at me @evermainard and let me know! You can also leave ‘em in the comments below. Happy crushing!

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