From the AE Archives: Butch/Stud Fashion Panel

AE: Can you give us some basic tips for translating women’s sizes to men’s sizes?

Anita: There really is no guide for this. “Women’s” clothing often uses arbitrary numbers for size (0, 6, 14, etc.) or uses the small, medium, large, etc. system. These sizes vary widely across brands. The good news about menswear sizing that it is (with the exception of small/medium/large, etc. sizing, which also varies across brands) stated in inch measurements. Start with knowing your  measurements. Here’s some measuring advice from Ralph Lauren. (Use a fabric tape measure and wear little to no clothing):

Waist: Measure around your natural waistline, keeping the tape comfortably loose.

Hips: Stand with your heels together and measure around the fullest part of your hips.

Chest: Wrap the tape around the fullest part of your chest or bust, including your shoulder blades, then drop your arms to your sides to measure.

Neck: Measure around the middle of neck (at the Adam’s apple). Allow room for your index finger to fit between the tape and your neck for a comfortable fit.

Inseam: With the appropriate shoes on, measure from your crotch to your desired pant length.

Sara: The easiest way to do that is to look up the size chart provided by the retailer and compare the women’s measurements to the men’s. For example, I know my chest size is 32″, so when looking at the size chart, I’ll look for that specific measurement or the closest number to it. That gives me an idea of how it will fit.

AE: Who are your favorite butch and stud fashion icons and why?

Anita: Ellen DeGeneres. She’s a reader favorite. I love the way she’s created her own style, mixing suits with sneakers, but in a very clean, tailored way.

Danielle: Today my favorite fashion icon is Ellen DeGeneres. She has a well, put together clean look that isn’t too masculine nor feminine.

Sara: Ellen Degeneres. She has a signature minimalistic style that stays true to her.

*Writer’s note: Holy shit, these women love Ellen Degeneres.*

Ellen DeGeneresNickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards - BackstagePhoto by Christopher Polk/KCA2016/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

AE: What trend do you want to die forever?

Anita: OK, I have to preface this by saying that I am not the fashion police. I’m all about “free to be you and me.” But, like most people, I do have likes and dislikes. Cargo shorts (especially the ones that go down to your shin) and old school cargo pants are absolutely not my jam. There are some great cargo pants that now come in sleeker, more tailored styles and without all the pockets. But, when I’m at a club or nightlife event and I see someone rocking the baggy 1,000 pocket cargo shorts down with the shin, I’m like, “Where are you going? What’s in all those pockets? Are you a doomsday prepper? Can you hold my keys?”

*Writer’s note: Cackling

Sara:  Super skinny jeans.

AE: What’s a must-have accessory?

Anita: A great pair of sunglasses.

Danielle: A must-have accessory is a watch. I feel empty without a timepiece on.

Sara: A shoe horn. I cannot stress how enough how important it is; your shoes will live longer.


AE: What kind of footwear do you recommend for work?

Anita: NiK Kacy footwear is a new brand that offers masculine shoes in a wider range of sizes for all genders. I’d also recommend checking out dapperQ’s guide to dress shoes.

Danielle: When working in an office, I’d wear double monks or brogues. Double monks are my favorite dress shoe so I’m a big biased. If it is a more laid back work space, then I’d probably wear Chelsea boots or sneakers.

Sara: Brogues and oxfords. If you really want to be stylish, a double monk strap will never fail.

AE: Casual footwear?

Anita: I’m all about the hightops and the latest high fashion slip-on craze. With slip-ons, get something in a cool design, like faux snake skin or leopard print.  

Danielle: Casual footwear all depends on how casual we are speaking: street or dress. My go-to’s for casual are between Stan Smiths, Vans, and Chelsea boots.

Sara: I’d recommend moccasins or fashionable sneakers.

Jill Soloway27th Annual GLAAD Media Awards - ArrivalsPhoto by David Livingston/Getty Images

AE: Are there any affordable men’s styles of any item that you want to recommend?

Anita: Tapered joggers are trending right now. You can wear them to the gym, or dress them up with pleather slip-ons and a blazer for brunch. You can find affordable options at H&M and Target.

Sara:  A real leather jacket. Asos offers some affordable ones, and they provide great sales too. I purchased my leather bomber jacket for $54.

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