12 Deal Breakers for Potential Lesbian Relationships


So you’re single and beyond ready to mingle. But it’s hard out there. There are so many women who are just so wrong for you. Sometimes you think, Maybe I’m being too picky. And maybe you are. But there are some legit deal breakers that come along with finding your soulmate, things you will never be able to get past unless you are ready to settle, which I’m here to tell you that you do not have to do.

If a new prospect has any of these issues, I recommend getting back out there and finding someone who is better-suited to be your boo, you amazing woman, you!

You’re a dog person. She’s a cat person. Depending on the chillness of the animals involved, this could lead to blood being shed; human, even.


She isn’t out. Welcome to a lifetime of being someone’s “roommate”!


She’s ready to have kids, like, yesterday. You should date for at least the nine months it takes to have a baby before you start planning for one, and that’s if you get lucky on your first try.


You’re not compatible in the bedroom. The best of tops and bottoms can be versatile if they want to be. But if she doesn’t want to be…..bye, Felicia.


She’s racist. 


She’s a narcissist. Even if she’s everything she believes she is, there will be more to discuss than her. She may not be able to handle it.


You don’t have anything in common. It’s no big deal if you just want to bone, but eventually, you’ll have to care about her hobbies and work and life and stuff. 


She’s voting for Trump.


She looks nothing like her Tinder profile photo. She shouldn’t be punished for knowing her angles, but if she’s straight up bait-and-switching, then what else is she lying about?


Your best friend hates her. You’ll likely end up losing one of them. Is new girl worth it?


She’s not ready to commit. You see a future together, and she sees an eternal Choose Your Own Adventure novel.


She’s boring. I get it—she’s hot, she’s nice, she has her shit together. But if she’s dull, you’re signing up for years of apathy. Think of all the times you’ll ask, “What should we do for dinner?” Do you really want someone whose only response is a shrug? DO YOU?



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