The Huddle: The First Rule of Lesbian Club


There are a lot of unspoken rules in any kind of community, and sometimes you don’t know you’re breaking one until someone else gladly points it out. (Lesbians are great for that!) So in order to help us all out, let’s put together a fun list of them, because making them is as fun as breaking them.


The first rule of lesbian club is…

Grace Chu: …you talk about lesbian club. You process, process and process until you lose your damn voice.

Marcie Bianco: …circles.

Erika Star: …that every ex-girlfriend is just an opportunity for a new best friend.

Dana Piccoli: …Oh great, there’s a club? Now you tell me. Way to leave a lezzie out.

Bridget McManus: …there is no secretary position. Only presidents.

Anna Pulley: …don’t talk about Anne Heche.

Ali Davis: …all the other rules go out the window if she makes your stomach do a little flip.

Dara Nai: …become fluent in subtext.

Lucy Hallowell: …nails are like weapons they wound sometimes.

Kim Hoffmann: …do NOT U-Haul after the second date. (You’ll thank me later.)

Punky Starshine: …beware the flirtatious straight girl.

Heather Hogan: …don’t talk shit about Naya Rivera.

Elaine Atwell: …if you’re on snack duty, you better include a vegan option.

Nicole Schultz: …always have your bags packed before a date in case she’s “the one.”

Chloe: …no one ever wears pink

Trish Bendix: …rainbow wear is optional.

Got a rule to add to the list?

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