Lesbianing With AE: Got Bedroom Boredom? Let’s Spice Things Up!


Dear Lindsey,

I’m bored in bed! My partner and I have sex regularly but it’s become routine. The things I suggest to spice up our sex life, like using sex toys, aren’t of interest to her. What are some new sex positions I can try to make things feel different?

– Blah

Hey Blah,

Let’s spice things up! I’ve no idea what positions are in your repertoire, but here are a few ideas to consider.

Have sex in a different room. In the shower. In the bath. Standing up. Anywhere but the bed.

Scissor. 69. Spoon. Sext one another from different rooms while you masturbate.

Leave your clothing on. Dry hump until you’ve soaked through your skirt and are begging to be touched.

Prop her up on pillows and use your mouth and fingers on her.

Get on all fours and have her reach around from behind.

Sit on her face. Straddle her. Rub against her hip.

Do it with no hands. Do it without kissing.

Do only what she tells you, when she tells you.

Make it a game. Make it a role play. Write an erotica story and then act it out.

Use the bed as a prop. Tie her to the headboard. Kneel on the floor and eat her out while her legs dangle over the side of the bed.

Use your imagination.

Visit your local feminist sex toy store to get ideas, props, erotica, lube, videos – and then reinvent those Friday nights in.

However you do it (and however often), have fun!

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