Star-Sign Real Talk: Brutally Honest Lesbian Horoscopes


Your fate is written in the stars.  A lot of astrology readings are painfully ambiguous and could apply to anyone.  We’ve decided not to sugar-coat what the stars are trying to communicate to you this week.  Scroll down to find your super straight-forward personal horoscope and come back every week for your forecast!


Aquarians You May Recognize (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

Star-Sign Real Talk: Brutally Honest Lesbian Horoscopes

If you have a fragile ego (Ahem, Leos…) then you’re going to have to put your Sensitive Sally in check.  This isn’t your local Sunday newspaper’s horoscope section.  AfterEllen is about to get REAL with you right now.  If you think you can handle it, scroll down and find out what that stars are actually saying to you this week.


March 21 – April 19

Your whine-meter is not only broken, you’ve already tossed it into the recycling bin and you’re not planning on replacing it at all.  No matter how many people come at you with their complaints, your keen skill in tuning them out has become sharper than ever.  Your process in handling the negative energy being thrown at you is healthy, Aries, but remember to turn the volume back up when it truly is important.  For example, when your love interest is demanding their needs be met.  Not all things that you don’t want to hear are things you shouldn’t listen to, Aries.

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