9 Romantic Places to Honeymoon With Your New Wife


If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination for you and your newly legally-wedded wife, let us help you find the perfect place. While some opposite-sex couples sometimes have an advantage of being able to go to most countries in the world without being concerned about their safety, it’s another story for same-sex pairs. You want to be able to celebrate your love, and we want that for you, so here are nine ultra-romantic and lesbian-friendly parts of the world that would be ideal for you and the Mrs.

Paris, France479247292images via Getty

It’s not called the most romantic city in the world for nothing! Sadly, the love-locks are gone, but there are still plenty of opportunities for you to cement your relationship. You’ll not soon forget the Romanticism the city has in its architecture and art. Read aloud from Gertrude Stein‘s poetry outside 27 rue de Fleurus, where the famous lesbian poet held salons and lived with her lover, Alice B. Toklas.


From Reykjavík’s welcoming cafes, bars and eateries to Skogafoss’ gorgeous waterfall hikes, you can experience both city and countryside in one of the most beautiful and progressive countries in the world. Don’t miss out on the geothermal swimming pools; taking a dip is a daily ritual for many Icelanders.

Key West, Florida588456905

This beloved island is a favorite of both Elizabeth Bishop and Robin Roberts, as well as the thousands of lesbians who descend upon the Florida Keys for Womenfest every year. If you’re a fan of watersports like snorkeling, parasailing, or dolphin watching, this could be your dream post-nuptials locale.

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands182241507

You won’t even need your passport to get to the white sands of St. Thomas. Beach-side properties with infinity pools, luxurious spas and delicious local fare will provide you with a relaxing dream vaca you never knew you deserved. Check out the gay beach, Little Magens Bay, if you want to feel like you’re among family. 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico503847795

Come for the Mexican food, stay for the strolls on the Malecon with your sweetheart. If you’re the adventurous sort, try a zipline, an ATV tour or a tequila tasting—or all three. A day cruise might be more your speed, and Diana has you covered.

Cape Town, South Africa592235611

The “Gay Capital of Africa,” also affectionally referred to as “The Pink City” and “The Mother City” by LGBT locals, is full of shopping, sightseeing, and seafood. De Waterkant is the gay area with an exciting nightlife scene, hip art galleries, and trendy boutiques.

Barcelona, Spain583324127

Barcelona’s lesbian bar, Aire, is only open on weekends, but that’s OK because you’ll have plenty to keep you busy otherwise. From clothing-optional beaches to the tourist attractions (most of which are well worth the visit), you’ll be walking hand-in-hand among some awe-inspiring and historic buildings. 

Palm Springs, California601812127

If you love the heat, Palm Springs is the place for you. The desert has hot springs, cool hotels, and plenty to do should you get antsy. From the golfing that originally brought all the lesbians to the yard, to the regular theater, music and arts programming, you’ll keep busy in between getting busy.

Sydney, Australia494605654

You can go for Mardis Gras and party with the LGBT locals, or you can plan a trip that revolves around just the two of you. Newtown is the lesbian area of town, with restaurants, shops, and clubs, all not far from the typical tourist fare of the Sydney Harbor. 

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