“Fashion Star” Recap: The Colors of Summer (Episode 3)


It was a good week for the competitors on Fashion Star, who seem to know what people want to wear in the summertime. All except Barbara, who is somehow still on the show despite not having gotten any buys thus far. She got by again this week despite her lackluster shirtdresses.

We got to see Kara Laricks‘ girlfriend this week. Adorable.

We saw her for a split second, while Kara was talking about how happy she is to be on the show, how she used to be a closeted lesbian school teacher and how this week’s summer attire was going to be a challenge as she enjoys the colors “black, black and black.” But she was able to switch into lighter neutral territory with ivory, brown and grey tuxedo pants. Saks Fifth Avenue scooped those right up, giving Kara her second big sale in two weeks.

Saks also bought Orly’s color blocked sheath jersey dresses, which are very cute and very wearable. They’re also very expensive, at $295.

In more realistic spending land, Macy’s bought floral shorts from Ross, who has finally seemed to redeem himself, and a wide-leg jersey jumpsuit from Nikki. Strangely, though, they are selling it in black, despite her using colorful and floral prints on the runway.

H&M purchased Nzimiro‘s striped men’s shorts and Sarah’s print wrap maxi dress. Sarah has consistently had her designs picked up by H&M, but she said she’d like to have her stuff in other stores, too. I say she should be careful not to bite the hand that feeds her!

As for those who went home empty-handed this week, Ronnie‘s adorable asymmetrical drape dresses had too much fabric, but I loved the prints. Lizzie‘s zipper-clad jersey dress was innovative but not impressive enough to the buyers. Edmond‘s maxi dresses weren’t anything special, Luciana‘s color-block attempts fell way too short, and Lisa‘s satin shirt-blouses just didn’t do it for any of the retailers — or me, personally.

But, in the end, it was Lizzie who was sent home, despite having made a sale in Week 1. At least her zipper dress had some imagination!

Will you be wearing any of these looks this summer?

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