Straightening Jessica Stein: Notes from the Underbelly starts tonight


Notes From the Underbelly premieres tonight on ABC. When I first heard about this show — way back in, like, November or something — I was excited about it. Jennifer Westfeldt, better known to many of us as Jessica Stein, plays Lauren, a mom-to-be. The show is (in case you couldn’t tell) all about pregnancy and parenting.

Notes aims to be “honest” about baby-making and -rearing. I’m guessing most of that honesty will fall from the lips of Rachael Harris, who was the bright spot in the otherwise unfunny Fat Actress. She looks to be just as delightfully deadpan in her role as Lauren’s unmarried, unimpressed friend. According to Slate, Harris is the high point of Notes so far:

Cooper (Rachael Harris) [is] an unmarried divorce attorney. The character is very familiar — disposing of lovers with the gusto of Sex and the City‘s Samantha, downing drinks and spitting insults with the speed of Will & Grace‘s Karen Walker, and putting in the long hours of a standard workaholic — but Harris plays Cooper with a frosty slickness that makes her the most memorable part of this affair.

There can never be enough snarky bespectacled women on my TV.

Jennifer Westfeldt, I adore you, but you’d better not just be playing Jessica Stein again — that might be too much of a neurotic good thing. All that aside, I’d love it if someone could successfully turn the cult of parenthood on its head. So for that reason alone, I still have slightly-above-average-height hopes for this show.

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