No more Mummy movies for Rachel Weisz


Rachel Weisz will not be reprising her Mummy role. Brendan Fraser has signed on for The Mummy 3: Curse of the Dragon, as has Jet Li (he’ll be the dragon), but Weisz is apparently done with all that archaeology hoo-ha. Well, more precisely, she’s got too many other projects in the works.

I’ll say this: Good for her. I found the first Mummy movie kinda boring, and didn’t even really register Weisz as someone to watch. I had pretty much forgotten about her until The Constant Gardener; her Oscar-winning performance in that film certainly made me take notice. (And not just because of the bathtub scene.) Just try to see that film and not fall a little bit in love with her.

I’m not saying I don’t like action movies or lighter fare, and I think Brendan Fraser is pretty adorable. But I can see why Weisz might want to move on. She herself has said, “I’m not a celebrity; I’m an actor” — and that doesn’t exactly scream “bring on the swarms of creepy crawly things!”

Weisz’s current projects include The Brothers Bloom and Dirt Music, both fairly “serious” flicks. But then there’s that persistent Sin City 2 rumor … now that’s something I’d like to see.

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