How many guest stars does it take to screw up a hit comedy?


Yesterday, it was announced that Rita Moreno and Rebecca Gayheart have signed on to guest star in upcoming Ugly Betty episodes in May.

Their sweeps-month appearances add to the hit ABC comedy’s ever-growing number of familiar faces popping up in Betty’s beautiful world. These include Gina Gershon, Lucy Liu, Katharine McPhee, Debi Mazar, Patti LuPone, Kathy Griffin, Jerry O’Connell and Tim Gunn. Plus that’s not even counting the mother of all not-so-ugly guest stars, Salma Hayek herself.

So, while my love for all things Bettylicious remains unwavering, this news does give one pause. How many guest stars are too many guest stars? The line between cute cameos and full-blown Will & Grace-itis is a thin one. I suppose once Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts show up, we will know to abandon all hope, for the Friends Very Special Guest Star Virus (VSGSV, for short) will have taken hold, and no vaccine on Earth can counter its fatal laugh-deadening effects.

When it comes to guest stars, I say go for quality over quantity. And by quality, I mean more Salma. Now that’s ugly caliente.

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