Twittering around the world


I’ve just spent far too many minutes staring at Twittervision, a mash-up of Twitter and Google Maps. Twitter, in case you haven’t heard, is a weird little “global community” that asks people to answer the question “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or fewer. (Read all about it in this Slate article.)

I’ll confess I don’t feel particularly compelled to tell people what I’m doing at random moments during the day (the answer would usually be either “recapping” or “blogging” anyway, and how is that interesting?). But I do like the way you can watch the world move on Twittervision. It’s sort of like looking up at the stars or watching a crowd of people — it makes you feel both insignificant and like you’re a part of something big and great.

It’s also a great reminder that English is not the world’s first language. And that people spend a lot of time at work or in class — and find themselves endlessly fascinating!