Gay Girl’s Goggles — “The Good Wife” SnapCap 3.09: Baseball without a bat


The Good Wife gave us food for thought — besides just cheese, I mean — as the show goes on break for a couple of weeks. I’m not sure what lesson we were supposed to get from the military case, but I think it was just another reminder to Alicia that she’s a mom. And padding for the rest of what happened. 


Oh, Dana. It’s going to happen. Just give in. I mean, it’s one thing to play Kalinda when you’re with her, but is this the face of someone who is pretending to be interested?

They meet at the bar — again — to “talk about a case” and end up talking about something entirely more interesting.

Hello, Kalinda! I think any doubts about whether Kalinda actually enjoys her relationships with women are officially over. But the suspense continues. In fact, The Good Wife writers are a little cruel.

But seriously, while Dana is in bed with Cary, she talks about what it’s like to make love to a woman? And who among us, while trying to deny our feelings for other women, didn’t try to develop feelings for a man? Dalinda is still on the table, kids. Soon, we hope, they’ll be on each other.


Even though Cary is the one who gets to sleep with Dana this episode, he can’t help being jealous that Kalinda is the one she has on speed dial. So boring.

A different kind of heat comes from the confrontation between Diane and Will. The D.A.’s office brings in a special prosecutor to investigate Will for judicial bribery, much to Diane’s dismay. She tells Will to take care of it — now: “Peter Florrick is coming after you because you are sleeping with his wife. It’s wrong. You are her boss; he is the state’s attorney. Even if it weren’t’ wrong, it’s not smart. Stop sleeping with his wife. Do you understand me?”

I have a feeling he does.


Anika Noni Rose returns as Wendy Scott-Carr, Peter’s challenger for D.A. and now special prosecutor for Will’s case. She doesn’t have much to do except smile insincerely and fill in Diane on what’s going on. I expect we’ll hear more from her in coming episodes. Linda Emond as military Judge Leora Kuhn also returns. Does anybody else want to see her play Liza Weil‘s mom?

As Eli’s foe-o’-the-week, Jeri Blank Amy Sedaris guest stars as Stacie Hall. The case is a bit silly — the Cheese Council protests a change in the food pyramid that makes the dairy category look less essential — but Stacie is a good foil for Eli. She mainly serves to deal Eli his first major loss when the cheese folks hire her and dump Lockhart-Gardner. Losing doesn’t sit well with him. It also knocks him off his pedestal as the big moneymaker for the firm. As Diane says, “You are brilliant, but you are not God’s gift.”


This episode was not especially tense, but a lot of things changed as a result of this week’s events. Alicia discovers that Peter’s mom Jackie has been seriously snooping and finally she changes her locks — and tells Jackie to stay out of her home. She even buys Zach a car so Grams won’t have to drive the kids to Peter’s. Alicia has not been the aggressive woman we love recently, so I’m hoping this marks a return to form.

Diane steps in to soothe Eli after his loss, with a few drinks and a promise that Stacie Hall will rue the day she ever messed with Eli Gold. I pity the fool that goes up against those two.

Do you think Will and Alicia will continue to sleep together despite Diane’s ultimatum? What’s Dana’s agenda? Is Dalinda going to happen? Give us your thoughts on this week’s episode of The Good Wife.

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