Be “Brave” with Pixar’s first female heroine


Perchance you spent the weekend enjoying the story of a young woman who has her fairytale wedding only to in result in her new, much older husband chewing the baby out of her belly. In which case, I hope you enjoyed the popcorn. Me, I’m holding out for the fairytale story of a young woman of an entirely different kind.

Pixar has released the first full-length trailer for their 13th film, Brave. The film is also notably the beloved studio’s first to feature a female lead. Admitted, I was hooked from the moment I heard “Pixar movie” and “female lead,” but I only grow more excited as more information comes out. And now the trailer has me wishing we could skip this whole winter thing and fast forward to June 22, 2012 already.


The film’s synopsis describes red-haired, tomboyish princess Merida (voiced by Boardwalk Empire’s Kelly Macdonald) as a skilled archer and the impetuous daughter of King Fergus (Billy Connolly) and Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson).

From the looks of the trailer, Merida is a feisty, feminist heroine who does not enjoy the “elegant pursuits” her people think befit a lady. Instead she years for her freedom, and to show off her Arya Stark/Katniss Everdeen-like abilities with the bow and arrow.

There’s also some business with a wish and a change of fate and some adorable bear cubs. So, you know, sold. So, how about you? Are you ready to be Brave?

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