Comic book girls behind bars


The Wizard Entertainment site (yeah, you can already see that this is a really geeky post) reports that David Goyer is working on a film called Super Max, which tells a tale of "supervillain incarceration" in the DC Comics universe. The story focuses on Green Arrow and the trouble he faces when he goes to a prison for "out-of-control heroes and villains."

Who knows when or if this will become an actual film, but if it does, I'd love to see the following characters in the super big house. (Some of them aren't DC characters, but this is my fantasy land, so it's OK.)

5. Mystique. I mean, duh. But I have no idea how they'd keep her behind bars.

4. Alice Cable from Swamp Thing. She's not a hero or a villain — and in the comics she was named Abigail Cable or Abigail Holland. But Adrienne Barbeau played her so well in the 1981 film version of Swamp Thing. That's my only goal here: someone Barbeau-ish, if not Barbeau herself.

3. Catwoman. Surely she qualifies as an "out-of-control hero(ine)," in all her incarnations.

2. Poison Ivy. Preferably not the Uma Thurman version. Oh, and let's just throw Harley Quinn in there too, to keep Ivy company.

1. Isis. The Saturday morning show The Secret of Isis both fascinated and frightened me when I was a kid. Like, really fascinated. That might have been a sign of something … if the Isis movie ever gets made, I'll have to see whether it causes any further stirrings.

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