Diane Keaton proves age is just a number


As I think about growing older, I wish for many things. Good health. Warm companionship. Mental clarity. But, above all, I wish for one thing: Please, please, please let me age like Diane Keaton.

For the last 30-plus years, Ms. Keaton has embodied the thinking woman's beauty. Her quirky charm, off-beat elegance and endearing neurosis have only gotten better with age. Now, at age 61, she is in the midst of a full-fledged career renaissance. On Monday night, the Film Society of Lincoln Center feted her at its 34th annual gala tribute. The honor only seems appropriate. It seems that every decade, Diane has found a way to reinvent herself to make herself relevant to the changing times.

In the '70s, she was the funny girl.

In the '80s, she was the career woman.

In the '90s, she was the vibrant divorcée.

And now, in the 2000s, she is the sexy woman of a certain age.

Every time she has made an appearance this year, Diane has looked radiant and has easily outshone her younger co-stars. She is taking "aging gracefully" to a whole other level.

Note: If the Diane Keaton aging plan isn't available for my golden years, I would be more than happy to substitute the Helen Mirren model.