Sara Gilbert and Alli Adler split


If you tune in to The Talk as regularly as I do, you’ll know that Sara Gilbert shares the least personal details of all the hosts at the table. But she does share occasional tidbits from her homelife with partner Allison Adler and children Levi, 7, and Sawyer, 3, and they all appeared on the show to wish Sara a happy birthday a few months back.

Unfortunately, People is reporting that Sara and Alli have split after 10 years together. Sara’s rep told the magazine it was amicable, but it’s still sad news considering they share two children.

Sara is recently on hiatus from The Talk, which is prepping for its second season on CBS this fall. Alli recently joined the writing staff of Glee after working on Chuck and No Ordinary Family. Both are avidly in touch with fans on Twitter, but haven’t shown a lot of attention to one another in public forums.

Just a few weeks ago ago, I spoke with Sara at the CBS TCA party, and now it seems a little more clear to me why she didn’t think Alli could hook her up with Glee stars to come on The Talk. (She was also in attendance alone.) And when I’d asked about balancing their schedules and their children, she told me, “It’s like any working parents, you know. You are trying to balance as best as you can. Luckily with the talk show, I’m done early a lot of days so I get a lot of time with them and it’s fantastic.”

Sara and Alli with friend Soleil Moon Frye

I’m sure Sara and Alli will be able to co-parent successfully and continue to deliver the great television they have been. Considering there have been a lot of rumors about changes at The Talk, though, it’ll be very interesting to see how Sara discusses her break-up on the show, if she does at all, and what co-hosts she’ll be discussing it with.

Our best to them both!

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