Michelle Pfeiffer sprinkles some Stardust


The UK blog Filmick has some new pictures of Michelle Pfeiffer in Stardust, the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name (slated for release in August). (Thanks to jennifer from pittsburgh for the initial tip about this flick!) Pfeiffer plays Lamia the witch. Clearly she’s channeling Stevie Nicks in this photo:

Here (on the left) she’s obviously drawing on her own performance in Ladyhawke (on the right):

She does look good in a hood. Maybe next she’ll play the Unabomber. Or Shane.

Let’s not forget that Pfeiffer was also part of a tantalizing threesome (with Cher and Susan Sarandon) in The Witches of Eastwick:

Do I sense a theme here? Is this how Pfeiffer plans to finish out her career: casting spells and spinning widdershins? At least that would explain her recent disappearing act — we haven’t really seen her since White Oleander, and that was five years ago. Maybe she started to sense that it was never going to be as good as Scarface — or even Grease 2 — ever again.

But Stardust is a good book. So the movie might turn out to be OK after all.

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